Top reasons for Study Canada

Features Study Canada Other Agencies
Visa Expertise Specialized in Canadian Study Visas General focus, no specific country expertise
Government Approval Licensed by Canadian Government for Immigration No license for Canadian immigration representation
Accountability Regulated by Canadian Government (RCIC) Unregulated, potential for mistreatment
Transparency & Integrity Honest, with no hidden charges May include hidden charges and be dishonest
One-Stop Services Offers Admission, Visa, and Settlement in Canada Typically, only visa services without pre/post-arrival assistance
Availability Operates in both Canada & Bangladesh Presence only in Bangladesh
Priority Focuses on client's best interest, not on commissions May steer clients to institutions for higher commissions
Professionalism Professional team knowledgeable in Canadian Immigration Policies Often inexperienced and unreliable teams
Long-term Responsibility Support until client becomes a Canadian Permanent Resident No long-term commitment or accountability
Service Fees Charges for services provided May use nominal fees to lure clients, then charge high fees or exploit commissions

1. Visa Expertise
• Study Canada: Exclusively handles Canadian study visas, indicating specialized knowledge in this area. The visa success rate is significantly higher than that of traditional agencies.
• Other Agencies: Provide services for various countries without specialized expertise in any particular nation's visas.

2. Government Approval
• Study Canada: Officially recognized and licensed by the Canadian government to handle immigration matters.
• Other Agencies: Lacks official authorization to represent clients in Canadian immigration procedures and does not represent your application officially.

3. Accountability
• Study Canada: Overseen by the Canadian government, ensuring adherence to strict regulations and ethical practices.
• Other Agencies are not subject to any regulatory body, which could lead to unethical practices, such as lying, financial fraud, etc.

4. Transparency & Integrity
• Study Canada: Operates with honesty, upfront about costs, and maintains integrity throughout the application process.
• Other Agencies: May employ deceptive practices, like hidden fees or misleading information, compromising the integrity of applications.

5. One-Stop Services
• Study Canada: Provides comprehensive services from university admission, visa processing, pre-departure and post-arrival services.
• Other Agencies: Often limited to visa processing, without support before departure or after arrival in Canada.

6. Availability
• Study Canada: Always with you. Accessible to clients both in Bangladesh and within Canada, offering local support. Provide assistance in the visa processing of your family members. Continuously mentor you in the entire process of becoming a permanent resident.
• Other Agencies: Typically based solely in Bangladesh, which can limit their accessibility and support, especially post-arrival.

7. Priority
• Study Canada: Prioritizes the client's educational and personal interests over potential commissions from academic institutions.
• Other Agencies: May push clients towards institutions that offer the agency higher commissions, not necessarily the best fit for the client.

8. Professionalism
• Study Canada: Employs a trained and experienced team that is well-versed in Canadian immigration policy.
• Other Agencies: The team may lack the necessary experience and professionalism, affecting service quality.

9. Long-term Responsibility
• Study Canada: Assumes responsibility for the client's journey up to obtaining permanent residency in Canada.
• Other Agencies: Often cease support post-visa approval, with no further commitment to the client's long-term success.

10. Service Fees
• Study Canada: Transparently charges for services provided, ensuring clients are aware of all costs upfront.
• Other Agencies: Might attract clients with low initial fees but later impose high charges or exploit commission-based profits.

Study in Canada From Bangladesh

About Study Canada

How Canadian institutions accept education system of Bangladesh?

Study Canada is a leading study consultancy and immigration and citizenship consultancy in Bangladesh. We help students achieve their dream of studying in Canada by providing comprehensive services that cover everything from admission to visa application. Study Canada is the only firm which work for the pathway of Study to PR in Canada.


What We Offer at Study Canada

We offer tailor-made options to students with end-to-end assistance for admissions.

At Study Canada, we're more than just a consultancy firm; we're your trusted partners on your journey to academic and immigration success. In Bangladesh only we are working on Study to PR.  Here's an insight into the array of services we offer:

Study to PR Strategy

Unique to our services in Bangladesh, we specialize in strategies that transition from study to permanent residency, tailored to your personal goals and circumstances.

Tailored Educational Pathways

Study Canada offers customized solutions for students, providing comprehensive support from the moment you decide to study in Canada to the time you land your first job.


Dedicated Academic Consultation

Our expert academic counsellors are here to provide you with a free initial consultation, setting the foundation for your educational journey.


End-to-End Admissions Assistance

We guide you through every step of the admissions process, ensuring a smooth transition to your chosen Canadian university or college.


Seamless Visa Processing

Our team handles all aspects of visa processing, from thorough consultations to meticulous documentation and careful submission.


Post-Arrival Support

Our support extends beyond your arrival in Canada. We're here to assist with essentials like airport pickup, accommodation, health insurance, Social Insurance Number (SIN), banking, communications, and transportation arrangements.

Admission Support

At first, Study Canada will apply to the appropriate program in a University on your behalf with the required documents (including but not limited to academic transcripts, certificates, language proficiency test results, and ECA) as per the institution’s need. Secondly, Upon receiving the conditional/unconditional application letter of acceptance, we request the client to submit the non-refundable LOA acceptance fee. Upon the confirmation of deposit from the DLI, a seat is considered secure, and the LOA is considered valid for you over a given period.

Admission and Visa Processing: Your Gateway to Canadian Education Embarking on an international educational journey is a transformative experience, and at Study Canada, we’re dedicated to making this journey seamless and successful. Our comprehensive approach to “Admission and Visa Processing” is designed to guide you through every step, from selecting the right program to securing your Study Permit visa for studying in Canada.

Selecting The Perfect Program: Where It All Begins

Choosing the right program sets the foundation for your academic and professional future. At Study Canada, our commitment starts with understanding your unique profile. We take into account your academic history, eligibility, work experience, and career aspirations. With an eye on visa acceptance possibilities, we meticulously assess your background to ensure the perfect fit.

Once your profile is thoroughly evaluated, we embark on a journey to match you with the most suitable Canadian institutions and programs. Leveraging our partnerships with over 200 institutions as an international student recruiter, we facilitate a curated selection process that aligns with your ambitions.

Navigating the Admission Process: Your Success Story

With the right program in mind, Study Canada takes the reins to ensure your successful admission. Armed with your personalized profile and aspirations, we initiate the application process to the chosen institution. Our extensive experience and network allow us to present your credentials effectively, increasing your chances of obtaining that coveted Letter of Acceptance.

Securing admission isn’t just about meeting academic requirements; it’s about crafting your unique story to resonate with the institution’s values and offerings. Through careful collaboration with our academic counselors, we ensure your application shines, making you a strong contender for admission.

Visa Processing

The moment your Letter of Acceptance arrives, your path to Canadian education takes a significant leap forward. Our services extend beyond securing admission. We transition seamlessly into the visa processing phase, where meticulous attention to detail is paramount.


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Canada Student Visa Process


An acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada.


Proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and return transportation.


A clean criminal record (a police certificate may be required).


A medical exam, if deemed necessary.

Immigration & Settlement Services:

Immigration and Settlement Services with Study Canada: Navigating New Horizons

Embarking on a journey to a new country is an exhilarating yet intricate process. At Study Canada, we understand the complexities immigrants face when they set their sights on a fresh start in the vibrant land of opportunities. Our “Immigration and Settlement Services” are designed to ensure a smooth transition and a promising future for you and your loved ones

A Legacy of Expertise: Guide Me Immigration

With years of experience in our mother organization, Guide Me Immigration, we have honed our skills in providing comprehensive immigration assistance. We go beyond the basics, delving into the intricacies of immigration rules and regulations to offer a holistic suite of services tailored to your unique needs.

Family Immigration Support: Uniting Loved Ones

We understand that family is at the heart of your journey. Whether it’s sponsoring your spouse, children, or other dependents, our team assists you in navigating the family sponsorship process. We ensure that your loved ones can join you in Canada, contributing to a smooth transition and shared success.

DLI Transfer: Seamless Educational Transitions

If you’re looking to transfer to a different Designated Learning Institution (DLI), our experts guide you through the process. Whether it’s due to academic preferences or personal reasons, we ensure that your educational journey remains uninterrupted.

PGWP and PR Advice: Pathways to Permanence

Our team provides valuable insights into the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program, offering guidance on eligibility, application procedures, and its role in your long-term plans. We also assist you in understanding the pathways to Permanent Residency (PR), opening doors to a future filled with possibilities.

Work Permit Processing: Empowering Your Professional Journey

Securing a work permit is a crucial step for many immigrants. Our experts navigate the intricacies of work permit applications, ensuring that your journey towards a fulfilling career in Canada is well-supported.

Study Permit Extension: Continuing Your Educational Pursuits

If you’re seeking to extend your study permit, we offer the guidance you need. We assist you in preparing the necessary documents and ensuring a seamless process to continue your educational journey.

Citizenship Application for Permanent Residents: Paving the Way to Citizenship

Achieving Canadian citizenship is a significant milestone. Our team provides expert advice and assistance in navigating the citizenship application process, ensuring you meet the requirements and complete the journey to becoming a proud Canadian citizen.

Legal Help for Immigrants: Navigating the Legal Landscape

Immigration law can be intricate, but you’re not alone. We offer legal assistance for immigrants, addressing your concerns and ensuring that your rights and responsibilities are protected throughout your journey.

Your Journey, Our Commitment

At Study Canada, our “Immigration and Settlement Services” reflect our commitment to your successful integration into Canadian society. We understand that the journey doesn’t end with arrival; it’s about thriving in your new environment.

Join us as we guide you through every step of the immigration process, from securing permits to offering expert advice. With Study Canada by your side, you’re not just navigating a new country; you’re embracing a new life filled with promise and potential.

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